alias gcc='gcc -fpermissive' or modifying ./configure script

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I am compiling quite big project from source. The compilation always ends with: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char*’ to ‘char*’ [-fpermissive]

I have already compiled this project one year ago. So I know a solution to this. Actualy I found more solutions:

  1. Adding a typecast to appropriate line of cpp code (It went to endless number of changes in each file. So I found next solution.)
  2. Modifying a makefile to compile that file with -fpermissive option. (I had to modify a lot of lines in each makefile. So I find even better solution.)
  3. "g++" or "gcc" was stored in a variable so I added -fpermissive to these variables.

This is the best solution I have. It is sufficient to add this option to each makefile once. Unfortunately this software has big number of subdirectories. So I need to modify more than 100 makefiles. It took me whole day one year ago.

Is there a way how to do this faster.

What about this? alias gcc='gcc -fpermissive' I am not familiar with aliases. But it should be easy to try this. Is the syntax correct? And is this one correct? alias g++='g++ -fpermissive' ? And do I need to export the alias somehow? Will the make program respect the alias?

Should I maybe change ./configure script? Or the ./ Or other file?

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