Ubuntu 12.10 desktop/interface not showing on VirtualBox VM after login screen

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Published on 2012-12-18T16:31:32Z Indexed on 2012/12/18 17:14 UTC
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I'm having some trouble with getting my Ubuntu to work on a VirtualBox VM. I made a clean installation of Ubuntu 12.10 on a VM without any errors. I arrive at the login screen, as soon as I press enter it does it's little loading thingy and then screen goes black, then this is all I get:


I can access the terminal and pretty much all the other features through it, but I would like to have the GUI properly working. I've been looking around the web and looking at various fixes to similar problems, but can't seem to get it to work. I'm thinking this problem might have to do with the graphics?

I'm running Windows 8 Pro as host, if that helps, might be some compatibility issues with VirtualBox in W8...

Thanks in advance!

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