Internet Explorer 10 auto-correct randomly capitalises words

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Published on 2013-06-27T10:09:39Z Indexed on 2013/06/27 10:23 UTC
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I use Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 7 laptop (because the fingerprint browser add-on only works in IE).

I have noticed that IE 10 has a built-in spellchecker, which is great. Now, I write about 90 % English and 10 % Swedish on web sites, so it is somewhat unfortunate that it isn't possible to change the spell-checker language 'on-the-fly'. But that's a minor issue.

The main problem is that, when I write English comments, the spell-checker (apparently randomly) capitalises some Words. For instance, the 'words' of the previous sentence was changed automatically to 'Words'. Another Word that is Always capitalised is Before. (Yes, the Three Words that are incorrectly capitalised in the previous sentence are due to the auto-correct 'feature', and apparently 'three' is also a problematic word.)

Is this really something that happens to every (bilingual) user? Is there any way to fix the issue (preferably without disabling the spell-checker altogether)?

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