Change Command Prompt width from the Command Line

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Don't really know what more I can say really. That window captured below will simply not get any larger. Are there some settings somewhere that will allow me to resize it?

command prompt

See, this limited window thing has left me in a bit of a pickle. Basically I've created an application with a command line GUI (With Ruby's Curses Library), and while everything works beautifully on OSX and Ubuntu Terminals, with Command Prompt, if the Curses Windows are larger than the Command Prompt window as shown below, the whole application crashes with a 'window already closed' error.

So, is there a setting that allows users to resize their Command Prompt window, something that I'll have to put in the documentation.

Here's what the holy grail answer would, be though:

Is there a way to do this from the command line? Could my application detect if the Command Prompt it's running on is of fixed width, and actually programatically run the command to allow the Command Prompt window to be enlarged? Or at least give the user a helpful error message?

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