Finalized Ubuntu 13.10 Releases are now Available for Download

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Published on Thu, 17 Oct 2013 17:20:05 GMT Indexed on 2013/10/17 22:01 UTC
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The long wait for the latest stable version of Ubuntu is finally over. Now you can download your favorite UI version of Ubuntu 13.10, try out the Phone Edition, and grab a copy of the official manual using the compiled set of download links we have put together for your convenience.

Download Links

Ubuntu 13.10 Unity Edition (Desktop) Note: You made need to scroll down the page part way to find the download link.

Ubuntu 13.10 GNOME Edition (Desktop)

Ubuntu 13.10 Kubuntu Edition (Desktop)

Ubuntu 13.10 Xubuntu Edition (Desktop)

Ubuntu 13.10 Lubuntu Edition (Desktop)

Ubuntu 13.10 Server Edition Note: You made need to scroll down the page part way to find the download link.

Phone Edition

For those who are adventurous and want to give the Phone Edition a try, you can learn more details about it and download it via the links below. Keep in mind that this particular release is still focused more towards developers, industry partners, and enthusiasts versus general usage at this time.

Instructions for Installing Ubuntu on a Phone Note: Also lists the two devices currently supported for installing the system on.

Download the Ubuntu 13.10 Phone Edition

[Ubuntu Phone Edition Reference via The Next Web]


You can download the official manual for the new release as well! When you visit the download page, use the three options/choices to get the particular version of the manual you want.

Download the ‘Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.10′ Manual

[Ubuntu Manual Reference via Softpedia]


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