Unix LVM: how to resize root lvm

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I took over a virtual server at work after a co-worker left. He, however, setup the server incorrectly at multiple stages and im cleaning them up as I run into them...

Currently I realized that the file system is broken in half onto 2 logical volumes both at 50gb. One is mounted as the root directory and the other as the /home directory. Saddly, the server has taken up 46gb of the root lv and i need to expand it. I have already shrunk and remounted the home lv. I resized the root lv, but I can't figure out how to unmount the root directory while the computer is on. Obviously this needs to be done before I can finalize the expansion, but I don't know how.

I'd appreciate any help or pointing in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

PS this is on a CentOS server.

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