is there a way to group desktop icons on the task bar

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i have a folder on the desktop which has a bunch of programs i use frequently, i can't pin all these programs to the taskbar themselves as there are too many for the screen width that it'll just make the taskbar scrollable

i am wondering if i can do one of the following

  1. pin the icons to the taskbar under 1 icon

  2. pin the folder to the taskbar separately to the Windows Explorer button which when there are no folders open will open up the libraries and if there are folders it'll show me the folders open, this way if i have 5 folders open and my frequently used programs folder i can just click on the frequently used programs folder icon on the taskbar and be given that folder only

i'm trying to reduce the number of clicks, scrolling or scanning across the task bar i need to do in order to find a program

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