So LibGDX / Java or XNA / C# [on hold]

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I am curious to know what will be better for me - LibGDX / Java or XNA / C#.
I am on the same level with C# and Java (I am pretty advanced with both of them).
I really want to get into game development, develop indie games and such.

So what are the pros and cons of XNA and LibGDX, what do you prefer personally and why?
Java - LibGDX is cross platform and uses OpenGL.

C# - XNA is for windows only ( you can use monogame but it will hurt performance and other things), Unfortunately, XNA is not going to be supported anymore but I still see people that recommend it over libGDX. (XNA is more popular and has more tutorials then libGDX).

So please help me to pick, I really don't know what to choose.
Thanks a lot!

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