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Ok, I made some progress wrt the original question (still below). I found /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf contained option domain-name-servers, and changed it to After restarting the daemon, I now see "node" getting the right DNS, unfortunately this doesn't fix the main problem, which I believe is the reference to It does introduce a new question: while the remaining information from /etc/maas/dhcp.conf is present in the maas GUI, there is no field to enter the dns address. Why? Anyway, my original problem still stands... Any idea?

Original question follows.

In VirtualBox, I have:

  • master VM:

    • ubuntu 12.04.3 server
    • eth0: Internal Network, IP=
    • eth1: NAT, IP=
    • eth2: Host-only, IP=
    • running MAAS region and cluster controlller, with DHCP and DNS enabled
  • node VM:

    • eth0: Internal Network

node VM boots in PXEboot. DHCP succeeds, and the boot process starts, but during boot I see some issues. One of them is "disk drive not ready yet or not present" for / and /tmp. I've googled this issue, and some people say it happens when the fisical disk is a SSD, which is my case. Anywaythe system seems to recover from this eventually.

Immediately after it starts printing a lot of messages of the form:

2013-10-01 16:52:37,142 -[WARNING]: Calling
' failed [x/y]:
 url error [[Errno 113] No route to host]

That IP address is clearly bogous, not sure where it came from. Before that point, I had seen the following network configuration:

    dns0 : 
    dns1 :

Not sure if related, but the dns doesn't seem right, as node doesn't have an interface to reach If that's the problem, what should I change to have the DNS point to

Thanks, Roberto

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