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I would like to offset the tickmarks of a secondary axis in excel WITHOUT changing the minimum. Here is a very complicated VBA class that apparently solves the issue but I would like a solution that doesn't require me to construct my entire chart in VBA.

Here is an example of what I mean (I removed the chart insides so it looks funny, but really only the axes matter for this question):

enter image description here

I am happy with the primary axis on the left. The secondary axis is just the primary axis plus 7.96%, so the secondary axis HAS TO have 0.0796 as a minimum. But I would like my tickmarks to be at nice rounder numbers so I would like to offset the starting point of the secondary axis' tickmarks to only start at 8%.

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this? Just to be clear about the VBA, I am happy to use a VBA solution but I don't have the time to actually construct the chart itself in VBA. Using VBA to get a handle on the chart and make the adjustment would be perfect.

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