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Published on 2012-04-19T15:32:45Z Indexed on 2013/11/09 4:18 UTC
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My laptop display has stopped working and is unfixable!

Anyway, I got a full HD monitor and plugged that into the HDMI port of the laptop. I have changed the power settings so that I can close the lid and still have the monitor on, and this all works.

However because it is on "mirror displays", I cannot get the full 1080p resolution that the monitor supports, and when I turn off mirror displays and switch off the laptop screen, the monitor will also switch off!

I'm really stuck, as I can only get the monitor to display its full resolution if I have it with the laptop screen turned on, and I dont want this because (as the laptop display does not work) things get lost on that side of the screen.


(Dell Studio 1537 Monitor is Samsung SA300 Connected through HDMI Ubuntu 11.10)

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