Ubuntu 14.04, only wallpaper and a mouse cursor is showing

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Published on 2014-06-06T07:39:02Z Indexed on 2014/06/06 9:40 UTC
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I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 weeks ago, that was a fresh install. And as usual installed, Unity tweak tool, some themes, Chrome, eclipse etc.

Today, while playing with Unity tweak tool, I mistakenly switched Window spread to off, and bang, no problem yet. After realizing what I did I switched it to on again and then, the title bar of all windows, the status bar (guessing it's called that), and the launcher disappeared. Now I was left with a mouse cursor and the Unity tweak tool window, without the title bar. I thought a restart is needed, but sadly no shutdown option to click on, moreover, the keyboard didn't worked, neither the hardware shutdown button. So, I pressed the reset button.

After a mundane restart, I was welcomed by the wallpaper and the mouse cursor, moving, that's it. Searched everywhere for a working solution, found some solutions in AskUbuntu itself, but they where all old and required terminal to be used, but since my keyboard isn't working, no access to the terminal. So, ofcource the question isn't a dublicate, at least, IMHO.

Also, I was working on an Android project and have got no backups, so I won't be going for a clean install, or else I will start crying watching my weeks of work being deleted, any solutions, please.

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