Windows 8.1 Search does not automatically select first search match

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Published on 2014-06-08T20:03:20Z Indexed on 2014/06/08 21:29 UTC
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When I search in Windows 8/8.1 (start menu->start typing), it doesn't automatically highlight the search term. For example, if I'm trying to open the "Internet Options" panel and type the entire thing out in search, I have to down arrow or tab to the "Internet Options" search result. This is retarded. I'm used to Windows 7 style search where the first match is highlighted and i can easily just hit return.

First match highlighting does work for other built-in things like "Control Panel", but it should work for all things in general, as it did in Windows 7 search.

Anyways, if there is an option to enable this in Windows 8/8.1, I'd appreciate the tip. Thanks!

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