Dovecot: no auth attempts in 0 secs (IMAP protocol)

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Published on 2014-06-08T23:08:13Z Indexed on 2014/06/09 3:28 UTC
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I'm having a lot of problems configuring dovecot ony vps. I'm already able to send email using port 110 and to receive email using port 25, but I can't connect using port 993 and 995. I'm using self-signed ssl certificates.

When I try to connect to 993 this error is logged:

Jun  8 19:06:39 MY_HOSTNAME dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 2 secs): user=<>, rip=MY_IP, lip=MY_VPS_IP, TLS, session=<MY_SESSION>

When I try to connect to 995 here is the error log:

Jun  8 19:08:17 MY_HOSTNAME dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>, rip=MY_IP, lip=MY_VPS_IP, TLS: SSL_read() failed: error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown: SSL alert number 46, session=<MY_SESSION>

EDIT: I was able to fix this part by refreshing my mail client ssl cert.

Anybody can help me please ? I'm stuck :/

Many thanks

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