Opening port 80 in router has no results

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A friend of mine has a ADSL modem and I need to forward some ports.

I have already forwarded the 1521 port (Oracle) and it's working fine. Now I need to forward the port 80. I already set up his IIS bindings to this port, and also forwarded the port like this video shows:

So I think I did everything correctly. The local IP address is also the same as the machine where the IIS server is running.

I'm sorry, but I can't post images since i don't have 10 points :(

Somehow I can't forward this port, keeps saying that the door is closed.

When I try to open the port, the Control Panel says me that I have to access the control panel in the 8080 port, because the 80 port will be open. Ok, that's fine. But I'm still able to access it in the 80 port, and when I try to access it in the 8080 port, it doesn't work.

I'm trying it with the TPLINK 8816, but I also tried to open it in the Opticom DsLink 279, and it didn't worked (using another machine), I got the exact same results.

He has a dynamic IP address, but he is also using No-ip, so I can always access his Oracle database in a certain static address. The 1521 port is open.

I also tried to disable the firewall in Windows, but that makes no sense to me, since the router doesn't really open the port 80.

Clearly I'm missing something. I have never done it in my life, so I dont know how to proceed. Restarting the router was the first I did, no results. I'm accessing his laptop through TeamViewer, so I'm testing the port outside his local network.

Edit: My ISP says that they allow to open ports, and the 1521 port is opened.

What could I do to open the 80 port?

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