Can I completely remove the Windows DNS in favour of BIND9 in an AD network?

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I would like to remove the DNS feature of Windows Domain Controllers and point the DNS servers to our BIND9 servers.

I know it's possible to setup coexistence but this requires a number of extra Windows DNS Servers equals to the number of Domain Controllers in the network.

Active Directory expects the _msdcs zone and other things like _tcp, _udp; etc.

The main question is: how to make BIND9 takes care of all this AD specific data? And with dynamic updating to make AD even more happier.


PS: Making BIND9 points to the Windows DNS Servers to resolve the Active Directory specific zones isn't an option. We already do this...

EDIT: As today, I'm running without Windows DNS. I'm writing up a guide on how to do this, and I'll update this topic.

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