Some people suddenly say they cant access my site, but me and all others can

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Published on 2014-08-25T03:17:24Z Indexed on 2014/08/25 4:22 UTC
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I have had this problem many times before and im still unable to find out what is causing it. It happned to me some months ago but it got fixed by itself and had already gone back to normal. Everything was working fine for quite a while until 2 days ago. Some people are reporting they cant access my site, they get a 404 error, however i can access it normally and many other users cant. I dont know whats the common denominator since both groups of people are from the same countries, use the same browsers, OS, etc. so the issue doesnt seem related to that.

I have reported this problem before to my both my host and domain registrar but none of them claim responsibility for that. Who is then to blame? Waht can i do to find out whats causing the issue and solve it?

Thank you.

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