Why can I not access the internet when Windows 7 finds no issue with the ethernet connection and the network can see my device?

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Published on 2014-08-24T19:11:17Z Indexed on 2014/08/25 4:24 UTC
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So I just moved from a house to an apartment. In the house and the apartment I had Uverse set up - and in both I had my desktop connected via a ~40 foot long cat5 cable. However, upon moving to the apartment I found that my ethernet connection no longer provides internet. This would seem like a mundane problem if not for:

  1. The router can see the computer on the network
  2. Windows 7 (the desktop's OS) detects no problems with the ethernet connection.
  3. Connections over the internet (i.e. browser windows, Pandora, etc.) do not immediately fail. Instead they load for 2 minutes and then finally give up.
  4. Devices connected over the Wifi (PS4, Laptop) access the internet just fine

While removing the cat5 cable from my house, I accidentally damaged the locking tab but managed to bend it back into the appropriate position. I would suspect that a bad cat5 cable might be to blame if not for the above issues (thought I've heard bad cat5 cables cause the most nonsensical problems) and the fact that I tested the cat5 cable by having it share internet between my laptop (working internet) to my desktop and it functioned just fine and provided the desktop with internet.

My ipconfig /all successfully finds a default gateway, DHCP server, and DNS server.

What could possibly be causing the problem?

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