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  • Accessing a Novell share on Trusty Tahr?

    - by tohuwawohu
    After upgrading my pc to the current LTS release 14.04, i found that i can't access novell shares using ncpfs any more. It seems that the ncp-related packages (libncp and so on) have been present in the 14.04 repos, but got removed: (see launchpad, ubuntuupdates and Debian Bug #712779). Is there still any way to install the ncp-related components? Are there any other tools to access or even mount a novell shre from a 14.04 system? EDIT: Oddly enough, ncpfs and libncp are still available in the current LTS Version of Mint (Mint 17 "Qiana").

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  • C# development with Mono and MonoDevelop

    - by developerit
    In the past two years, I have been developing .NET from my MacBook by running Windows XP into VM Ware and more recently into Virtual Box from OS X. This way, I could install Visual Studio and be able to work seamlessly. But, this way of working has a major down side: it kills the battery of my laptop… I can easiely last for 3 hours if I stay in OS X, but can only last 45 min when XP is running. Recently, I gave MonoDevelop a try for developing Developer IT‘s tools and web site. While being way less complete then Visual Studio, it provides essentials tools when it comes to developping software. It works well with solutions and projects files created from Visual Studio, it has Intellisence (word completion), it can compile your code and can even target your .NET app to linux or unix. This tools can save me a lot of time and batteries! Although I could not only work with MonoDevelop, I find it way better than a simple text editor like Smultron. Thanks to Novell, we can now bring Microsoft technology to OS X.

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  • Novell sles replica problem

    - by lilott8
    We have a sles10 sp2 oes2 sp1 server that is in eDirectory as a replica server. However in our ds ring it is not showing up. It shows up as synched for time but it will not show up in our replica ring. Any ideas?

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  • determining trustee of directories on novell netware volume

    - by Matt Delves
    Currently there are a lot of directories (user home directories that may no longer exist) on a netware volume. As this number is significant, I'm in need of an easy way of determining if there are any trustee's (existing users who have permissions to the directory) on the directories in question. So, several things I'm after. 1) Are there any applications, that take the input of a list of directories and output the same list with the trustee's attached? 2) Is there an easy way to determine the trustee's without looking at Console One? Thanks, Matt.

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  • Novell Groupwise 7 SMTP Setting

    - by Xphacter
    Our Groupwise server currently uses an outbound SMTP server for all outgoing mail not within our domain. Is it possible to force Groupwise to use the SMTP server for ALL mail including addresses within the domain?

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  • Novell EDirectory | How can it help in career

    - by Ankit
    Hi, I am into microsoft technology and getting a project which is Implementation of IAM (Novell Edirectory). Does it makes sense to move from .Net as i have experience of 4 years now on it. Since i dont have any knowledge as to how this tech is and how it can help me, so any suggestion or advice will help. Thanks for your advice in advance.

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  • Novell Netware 6 and C#

    - by user317744
    Hi, I don't know if anyone has any expertise with Novell Netware or not, but I situation where one of my clients is getting a weird error trying to move a file to a netware share. The situation is pretty complicated but I'll try and outline it as best I can. 1) The application is running as a service 2) The file to be moved is a local file in an accessible location (to the service) 3) The file is being moved with FileInfo.MoveTo(). 4) The MoveTo is throwing an IOException and the message is "a device attached to the system is not functioning". I'm at a loss as to explain what might be happening. On a side note, it seems that running a small test program interactively using the same method (FileInfo.MoveTo) to the same location works fine so it seems to be associated with the service itself. Any help would be hugely greatful. Thanks. Kristofor Wilson

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  • Novell repousse l'offre de rachat d'un fonds d'investissement, l'éditeur de SUSE veut plus : Linux d

    Mise à jour du 22/03/10 Novell repousse l'offre de rachat d'un fonds d'investissement Les dirigeants de l'éditeur de la distribution Linux SUSE veulent plus : Linux devient-il un produit spéculatif ? Novell, la société qui soutient la célèbre distribution Linux SUSE, vient de rejeter l'offre de rachat du fonds d'investissement Elliott Associates L.P. Il serait cependant faux de croire que l'affaire est close. Le fonds pourrait en effet lancer une offre public d'achat hostile sur l'entreprise. Quant aux dirigeants de Novell, ils ne ferment pas la porte à une éventuelle vente, mais à de meilleures conditions (ou à un a...

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  • Le projet MonoDroid apporte .NET sur Android, Novell veut construire une passerelle entre le framewo

    Le projet MonoDroid apporte .NET sur Android Novell veut construire une passerelle entre le framework de Microsoft et l'OS de Google Ce n'est pas un scoop, .NET tend à se généraliser. Aujourd'hui, le framework de Microsoft pourrait bien toucher Android, la plateforme Java de son grand concurrent Google, grâce à un projet de Novell, l'éditeur de Mono. Petit retour sur le projet Mono. Mono est l'implantation open-source et portable du framework .Net. Certains vont même jusqu'à dire qu...

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  • Now what Novell?

    <b>Cyber Cynic:</b> "There's nothing like starting a technical conference, like Novell's BrainShare, off with a bang. Or, in this case telling Elliot Associates' unwelcome offer of not quite $2-billion for the company that Novell has no interest in selling out, not for that little anyway."

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  • Novell Revenues, Linux Business Slide

    <b>Datamation:</b> "It's been a tough quarter quarter for Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) as questions about its future ownership remain on the table. Novell is also facing pricing pressure on its Linux business as renewals come up on Microsoft's SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions."

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  • Novell est bien le propriétaire d'UNIX, SCO perd son procès

    Mise à jour du 31.03.2010 par Katleen Novell est bien le propriétaire d'UNIX, SCO perd son procès Un verdict très attendu dans le monde de l'informatique vient de tomber, après plusieurs années de procès. Du côté de l'open source, on retenait son souffle : la décision a être annoncée pouvait tout changer. Et c'est finalement le soulagement général : UNIX n'appartient pas à SCO. Le tribunal de Salt Lake City, dans l'Utah, vient de reconnaitre officiellement Novell comme propriétaire légitime d'UNIX. Les développeurs et éditeurs de distributions UNIX et Linux sont donc rassurés : tout est bien qui finit bien. Linux menacé de mort par...

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