Disable SSD in ASUS 900 running Ubuntu 9.10

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Published on 2010-03-08T19:53:14Z Indexed on 2010/03/08 20:08 UTC
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Recently I managed to completely mess up my ASUS 900, but I have no immediate desire to upgrade since it's only my travel laptop (and I'm waiting for a few months to see if anything interesting comes out). For now, though, I've hit an interesting problem. The 4GB SSD that is soldered onto the motherboard is broken.

Since it's soldered on, there's really no hope of replacing it (I believe), so I've been solely running off the 16GB that is inserted into the mini pci-e slot. But since it can't read from the SSD it keeps giving me an error every time it tries to boot and read the ssd. Is there any way to either force Ubuntu to not check the drives on boot or disable the drive altogether, so that I don't have to sit through a 5 minute boot process each time I want to use the computer?

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