Ubuntu: How to login without entering username and password

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Published on 2010-03-12T18:32:16Z Indexed on 2010/03/12 18:37 UTC
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I'm a newbie running Ubuntu 9.10. I have two users (wife and me), and each user's screensaver is set to lock so that on wakeup, we get to choose which user's desktop to go to. However, Ubuntu requires a password, so this is pretty tedious.

I'd like to switch users without entering any password. I know about this trick that works for the boot login, but it doesn't deal with multiple users.

Is it possible to set empty passwords for users in Ubuntu, or skip the password in other ways?

(I'm expecting real Linux users to suggest that passwordless users must not get any rights and there be an admin user with a strong password. Yes, you're right. But that's not what this question is about. Thanks.)

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