How to import .ops file in Outlook 2007

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Hi all,

I install ORK.exe on my Windows 7 machine to create a copy of my profile so I will have it as a template to push it to new user.

So basically, I ran the Profile Wizard to create an .ops file. I saved it in my documents for the moment. Right now, I'm trying to import that file into my Outlook but I just can't figure it out!

My goal is to have a profile template to push to new users when they log in for first time.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


I just figured it out. But I have a problem:

When I create my profile, Outlook 2007 on exchange was not in cache mode. So I created my profile with the Profile Wizard with cache mode disabled. I save my outlook.ops in My documents.

Then, I enabled cache mode so when I will import my .ops file, it should be restore as cache mode disabled... But When I do that, cache mode is still checked (which I don't want to)

Am I doing something wrong? I guess so but I just can't figure it out

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