TextMate GetBundle stopped working in Snow Leopard

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Published on 2009-11-12T12:56:17Z Indexed on 2010/03/19 10:01 UTC
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It seems that I am no longer able to Get Bundles using TextMate after upgrading to Snow Leopard.

I get the following error message. Googling shows no solutions. I have updated to the latest GetBundle via svn to no avail.

/Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Support/lib/osx/plist.bundle: dlopen(/Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Support/lib/osx/plist.bundle, 9): no suitable image found.  Did find: (LoadError)
    /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Support/lib/osx/plist.bundle: no matching architecture in universal wrapper - /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Support/lib/osx/plist.bundle
    from /Users/jauderho/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/GetBundles.tmbundle/Support/getBundles.rb:4

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