Microphone not working in Windows Virtual PC (on Windows 7)

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I"m using Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 (host) running Windows XP (as the Guest O/S)

I'm trying to get the Microphone working.

When I Enable Integration Features:

  • Microphone does not work
    • When I run the Sound Recorder, the record button is disabled. If I look at Sound settings, there are no options for the Mic (it's all disabled "grayed out").
  • Speakers work
  • Copy & Paste works

When I Disable Integration Features:

  • Microphone and speakers work
  • Copy and Paste does not (as expected)

Drag'n Drop copying does not work in either situation.

What I've Tried

  • Verified that the Windows XP Mode Virtual PC guest also has the same symptoms (Mic doesn't work) and audio out (speakers) do work.

I"m going to try (but have little hope) to: -Uninstall and Reinstall the Integration addin for Virtual PC

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