The vps is running, but the domain name is down ?

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Published on 2010-03-24T19:04:27Z Indexed on 2010/03/24 19:13 UTC
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i created a vps on and installed CentOS 5.4 x64 LAMP , i choosed the root password and the server start running, i added my domain name in the vps domain section, also i added the two name servers on where i bought the domain name.

the problem is that i still can't access the domain, so i think that's because a mistake in the DNS template that is created automatically by the vps provider, here is it :

TYPE |  NAME   |  TARGET               | MX PRIORITY |   ACTIONS
OA      @      
NS      @      
NS      @      
MX      @      10            delete
A       @                           delete
A       www                           delete
A       mail                           delete
A       webmail                           delete
A       ftp

The vps is working fine, & i can access the webmin panel via the ip, so what's wrong with my parameters?


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