Is a "failed" RAID 5 disk really no good?

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Published on 2010-04-01T04:53:54Z Indexed on 2010/04/01 5:03 UTC
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This is my first venture in to setting up RAID on my home system. After installing 3 x 1TB drives in RAID 5, everything was running well for about 10 days. Then, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software that monitors the disks and RAID on my system, told me that I had a failed drive. I marked the drive as good, and the array rebuilt. Then a day or so later I got a notification again, that the drive failed. I'm just wondering if this drive really is no good or if there is something I can do to get it working again? Or, do I just need to return it to the store where I bought it and get a replacement?

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