accessing embedded object with jquery not working in firefox 3.6

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Hi, this code in my plugin used to work just fine:

jQuery('#embedded_obj', context).get(0).getVersion();

and in html...

<object id="embedded_obj" type="application/x-versionchecker-"></object>

Basically trying to get the properties from an embedded object. But it looks like get(0) is returning an html object instead of the actual embedded object.

For example, if I do:

var launcher = jQuery('#embedded_obj', context).get(0);

for(prop in launcher){
  alert(prop + ': ' + launcher[prop]);

... it alerts things like "getElementByNode," "scrollWidth," "clientLeft," "clientTop" etc.

Again this worked before Firefox 3.6. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas/suggestions?


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