Language Agnostic Basic Programming Question

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This is very basic question from programming point of view but as I am in learning phase, I thought I would better ask this question rather than having a misunderstanding or narrow knowledge about the topic.

So do excuse me if somehow I mess it up.


Let's say I have class A,B,C and D now class A has some piece of code which I need to have in class B,C and D so I am extending class A in class B, class C, and class D

Now how can I access the function of class A in other classes, do I need to create an object of class A and than access the function of class A or as am extending A in other classes than I can internally call the function using this parameter.

If possible I would really appreciate if someone can explain this concept with code sample explaining how the logic flows.


Example in Java, PHP and .Net would be appreciated.

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