Particular Project Types & Job Responsibility in Financial Industry

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Published on 2010-04-18T15:10:39Z Indexed on 2010/04/18 15:13 UTC
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I want to gain knowledge about types of projects in Financial Industry and how it is like working for Back Office, Middle Office and Front Office of an Financial Firm.

I have gone through How do I start programming in Financial Industry and it is really good but am question is mainly aim at:

  1. What typical types of Projects we have in Back Office, Middle Office, Front Office or in any other Financial Firms.

  2. I have heard about terms like Derivates Trading, Equity Trading, Banking, Money Market and so what are the types of projects in this areas and what would be a good read or resources to learn about different Financial Sectors and its related projects in each of this sectors.

I would really appreciate if people who have worked in Financial Industry to share this knowledge.

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