Make windows 7 client compatible with windows 2003 server

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Published on 2009-06-16T16:12:51Z Indexed on 2010/06/11 18:43 UTC
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I am sysadmin for a small business with 30 clients. We have a server running windows 2003 and all the client-computers run windows XP.

Now this is not an important issue, but it would be nice if it worked. My personal (home) computer is running windows 7 RC.

When I bring my home-computer to work and log into the network with domain\username it logs me in just fine. Although, approving my profile, letting me into the network, including all network drives and printers, it does not download the profile fully. I do believe it might be getting the roaming profiles.

So all my user- items, documents etc. attached to the profile does not show up on Windows 7.

Is there any way to make it fully download the profile? as it does with Windows XP.

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