Bad password when logging in via Remote Desktop

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Published on 2010-12-21T14:40:57Z Indexed on 2010/12/21 15:56 UTC
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I have just setup a windows 2003 server running in hyper-V.

When I log in via Hyper-V it works fine.

When I try to login via remote desktop I get a bad user name or password error.

I have:

  • Disabled the firewall
  • Enabled remote connections

Before I did the above I did not get to the login screen. I can ping the ip address of the image.

I am trying to login as Administrator.

Anyone have an idea about how to fix this?


I have now managed to fix this by changing the password to something without special characters. Strange thing is the I could not see any problems with the passord, had tried typing it into the user name field to check it.

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