How to avoid printing nearly blank pages?

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How many times have you printed an email just to have the last page be 2 or 3 lines of a person's signature (or worse, the "This is confidential" copy inserted by corporate mailservers)? How many times has the last page contained just the footer of the website?

Does anyone know of a utility or print driver that can help avoid printing blank or nearly-blank pages? I am not looking for techniques for avoiding this in specific programs -- if I take the effort of doing print preview and then adjusting the pages to be printed, then of course I can avoid it.

What I want something I can install that, whenever I push "Print" to any of the various printers I print to with my laptop, it automatically says "hmmm... I bet he doesn't really want that page which is 95% empty" and possibly prompts me to say "do you really want to waste paper on this?"

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