Improving first person camera and implementing third person camera

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I want to improve upon my first person camera implementation and extend it to, so the user can toggle between third person/first person view.

My current setup: draw()::


    // Render gameObjects

Camera is strongly coupled to the player, so much so, that it is a friend of player. This is what the Camera::ApplyCameraTransform looks like:

glm::mat4 l_TransformationMatrix;
m_pPlayer->m_pTransformation->GetTransformation(l_TransformationMatrix, false);

l_TransformationMatrix = glm::core::function::matrix::inverse(l_TransformationMatrix);

So, I take the player's transformation matrix and invert it to yield First person camera view.

Since, Third person camera view is just a 'translated' first person view behind the player; what would be a good way to improve upon this (keeping in mind that I will be extending it to Third person camera as well.


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