Weekly technology meeting?

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Published on 2011-02-21T13:36:21Z Indexed on 2011/02/21 15:33 UTC
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I am thinking of introducing weekly technology meeting where programmers working on the same project can discuss things like:

  • current status of the project on technical side
  • technology backlog. Things that we may have skipped because of deadlines but now coming back to bite us.
  • technology constraints that are limiting developers from being productive
  • new and emerging technologies that may apply to the project

Basically looking at the project from programmer's perspective, not the business side.


What would be some good guidelines for a meeting like this?

  • How long should the meeting last?
  • Is weekly too often?
  • Should we time-limit each topic?
  • What kinda of topics are good for a meeting like this and which ones are bad?
  • Is 10 people too many?


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