Were you a good programmer when you first left university?

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I recently graduated, from university. I have since then joined a development team where I am by far the least experienced developer, with maybe with a couple work terms under my belt, meanwhile the rest of the team is rocking 5-10 years experience.

I am/was a very good student and a pretty good programmer when it came to bottled assignments and tests. I have worked on some projects with success. But now I working with a much bigger code-base, and the learning curve is much higher...

I was wondering how many other developers started out their careers in teams and left like they sucked. When does this change? How can I speed up the process? My seniors are helping me but I want to be great and show my value now.

I don't to start a flame war, this is just a question I have been having and I was hoping to get some advice from other experienced developers, as well as other beginners like me.

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