Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles – An Awesome Game for Linux and Windows

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Are you looking for a fun new game to add to your Linux or Windows systems? Then Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles could be just the game you are looking for. This awesome game comes with three distinct game modes (Story, Arcade, and Puzzle) to please the gamer within.

You will need to select a language when Wind and Water starts up. Use your arrow keys to make your selection and press Enter. There will be a short intro video and then you can begin playing the game.

There is a nice Tutorial Mode to help you become familiar with game play.

Once you have entered your name you can choose the game mode that you want to play.

Have fun as you work your way through the game!

Note: Use the four Arrow Keys, the S Key, and the A Key to play Wind and Water.

Wind and Water Homepage (Windows Version Download)

Download the Linux Versions *Includes installation instructions for non-Ubuntu systems at bottom of the post.

[via Ubuntu Vibes]

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