Switching to a career in Machine Learning

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My day job is plain old software development. I am also doing my Masters in CS (part time, course based). I took a course on AI and found machine learning quite fascinating but like most courses it only offered a basic intro.

I intend to learn more about Machine Learning and if possible get a job in that field. When I look at job postings in this field it is clear that a Phd in Machine learning (or prior experience in the field with considerable expertise) is required for most of them.

I'm looking for advice on self learning to gain experience that'll useful in industry. At least, enough experience to get my foot in. I will do the obvious ones like reading text books, papers etc. Perhaps any open source efforts that I can participate in or something I could do on my own?

Apologies if I'm being vague here but I hope there are at least a few of you who done a similar switch and can advise.

Thanks !

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