VS 11 Beta Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided

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Published on 2012-04-15T05:39:12Z Indexed on 2012/04/16 5:29 UTC
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This is what I'm getting when I build my Test project:

VS 11 Unit Testing Unexpected Error

With this I'm unable to run my tests since they're not being discovered by VS.

See the message "Unexpected error detected. Check the Tests Output Pane for details." at the window bottom. Now if you look at the Tests OUTPUT pane you'll have no clue about what's the problem. This is extremely helpful... :)

I know VS 11 is in beta but it used to work...

I've already restarted VS but it didn't work after that too.

Any ideas about what's going on? Would it be a bug somewhere?

Note: the only thing I can think is related with VS 2010 uninstall I did sometime ago. Maybe it uninstalled some necessary bits. Beats me...

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