Unable to boot Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu to MacBook with OS X & Windows 7 (bootcamp)

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Published on 2012-05-19T20:55:45Z Indexed on 2012/06/07 4:47 UTC
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I had Lion OSX partitioned with Windows 7 using BootCamp [on my MacBook].

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu last night and it went well. Until this morning when I tried to boot up Windows 7 and it took me to Ubuntu instead.

I saw the windows 7 loader so I clicked on that. It brought me to a black screen with a white cursor in the top left. This is what windows usually looks like when it boots but this time it just stayed on the black screen.

I also tried holding option and choosing the windows drive manually but it brought me back to Ubuntu. I think what happened was that I did not click on the Windows 7 loader when installing Ubuntu 12.04 last night.

What can I do to fix this?

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