Windows 7 wont boot from any boot loader except for 'Windows Boot Manager' after partition resize

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I have a triple boot system on a single SSD. OSX, Windows 7, and Ubuntu. I use Chimera (basically another version of Chameleon) as my boot loader. Usually I can boot all 3 without any issue, but after using GParted to make my Ubuntu partition 2 Gigs larger, Windows 7 throws me an error when trying to boot to it from either Chimera or Grub.

The error is consistently: 0xc000000e "cant find \Boot\BCD" (slightly paraphrased).

However, I can still get into Windows by selecting "Windows Boot Manager" from the boot options in my bios.

I've already tried several known fixes for similar issues, including bootrec /rebuildbcd (and variations), and BootRec.exe/fixMBR + BootRec.exe/fixBoot. Ive also tried Chkdsk.

At best this has made it so Windows 7 boots on it's own by default (making me have to reinstall Chimera and change back my boot settings in the bios). At worst this made it so Windows wont boot period. Now I'm back full circle where I started.

A detail that might be useful is that bootrec /rebuildbcd says that the number of found Windows installations is 0.

How do I get it back so I can boot Win7 through another boot loader so I don't have to manually select it in the bios? Preferably without a reinstall.

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