How do I install an older 2.6.37 Kernel Version?

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I have a Sony VAIO P netbook and for several issues (graphics driver, audio driver and power management), I want to install an older version of the Linux kernel on Ubuntu 11.10 (actually its Xubuntu) that seems to be much more suitable.

So I searched for Ubuntu kernels and found this link which includes all versions of the Linux kernel distributed by Ubuntu. I am looking for a version before 2.6.38 (to escape the known power management issue) and of course solve my many driver problems!

  1. I guess my best bet is 2.6.37 but there are several 2.6.37.x-x kernels! Can someone point me to the right choice?

  2. In each folder (for example: this one) there are several DEB packages. Which packages should I install? (Note: I have a 32-bit system)

  3. What is the installation process? sudo dpkg -i *.deb ? Is this fine or additional steps are required?


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