Remmina remoteapp over RDP

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I was wondering how to use remmina to open applications on a Windows machine over rdp using remoteapp (or seamless or whatever it's actually called).

I've already used Kim Knight's RemoteApp Tool to set up remoteapp on a Windows 7 machine and I can connect and run remote apps fine from another windows box.

Allegedly FreeRDP (which Remmina uses for its RDP Plugin) has support for remoteapp. I'm not sure how to make use of it though. I can't find any examples of people actually doing this online but there is a launchpad bug about the clipboard not working in remote apps, from which I can infer that there is some way to run remote apps.

I've tried many combinations of settings for Client, Startup Program and Startup Path in the Advanced tab when configuring an RDP connection in Remmina, but I can't make it work. I can connect to Windows boxes with RDP just fine, just not running a remoteapp.

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