wubi dual-boot installation of ubuntu 12.04 on Windows 7 fails to boot

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Published on 2012-09-16T13:32:36Z Indexed on 2012/09/17 9:51 UTC
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I am trying to use the wubi installation process to create a Ubuntu 12.04 / Windows 7 dual boot setup on my Windows 7 machine (Dell Inspiron 17R). The installation initially works fine, and I am able to load Ubuntu several times after selecting it from the boot menu. However, when I boot into Windows 7 it seems to corrupt the Ubuntu boot process, because after running Windows 7, Ubuntu won't boot on the machine. It is still listed as an option in the boot menu, but when it is selected, the machine does one of the following: -hangs at the load-screen and says that Ubuntu is preparing to run for the first time (although it isn't the first time the OS has been loaded) -hangs with a black screen and does nothing

I have uninstalled Ubuntu and then reinstalled it (using wubi) three times. Each time Ubuntu initially boots okay (including rebooting the laptop into Ubuntu several times.) However, whenever I switch over and boot into Windows 7 it breaks the Ubuntu installation. Windows 7 continues to boot and work fine without issues.

I have successfully installed Ubuntu using wubi onto a different Windows 7 machine before without problems...it seems that there is something different about this laptop configuration. I am not sure how to debug the issue. I see no error messages during the Ubuntu boot process when it hangs and am not sure how to debug this.

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