Autologin 2 Windows users OR Login another user from the desktop

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I'm using two windows users on my HTPC at the same time. One is just for watching videos and one for administration via remote. This setup is quite ideal for me since windows can handle multiple concurrent logins and the win "rdp concurrent hack" (Google).

The problem is, I want both users to be logged in automatically when the pc was started. It shall be possible to watch tv and also the admin user shall be automatically logged in to start my scripts and other tasks, even if I haven't logged in via remote desktop manually. Later, when I want to admin my htpc I can just rdp connect the admin user without interrupting the video playback on the actual HTPC's screen and check my cleanup tasks, downloads, ... witch already executed for this admin user.

But right now I found no solution to automatically login user A from a user B desktop and I also found no solution to autologin both users immediately at startup.

As a workaround I have to fire up my other notebook machine and login one time with the remote user via rdp. From this time on the remote admin user is running concurrent with the main user in the background of the machine.

The other workaround would be... after startup switch user from main user to admin user and then back again. But that also requires manual steps.

I'm on a Windows 8 System right now but all infos for Win7 or XP would be also interesting.

thanks a lot for all ideas.

PS: just to prevent useless posts... don't tell me that only one user can be logged in to windows. ;)

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