OSX esc key stops working (randomly)

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I have a 2011 macbook Air with OS X Mountain Lion (I've upgraded from Lion). And ever since upgrading my escape key randomly stops working. And it's not that the keyboard on the laptop would be damaged as the same happens if I use apple's bluetooth keyboard. So I'm guessing it's a software issue.

Also in some cases pressing ctrl+esc achieves the same thing as just esc so I'm 100% it's not a hardware problem.

Does anybody have any idea what this might be all about and how to fix it?

edit: the escape key stops working completely but it starts working again after I restart the computer.

edit2: this usually happens after the computer wakes from sleep. So it's not like that is just stopps working in the middle of using it, but rather after I put it to sleep (or just close the lid) and then open it again.

Has nobody got the same issue? Is there a better place to ask OSX related questions than SuperUser maybe?

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