What's a good tool for Scrum Project Management in game development? [closed]

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I'm looking for an efficient, easy-to-learn tool for Scrum project management not for proffesional use but to use it in my thesis concerning the use of Scrum in game development. Basically I want to visualize a production process of a hypothetical game. Some fragments of the production process should be really detailed to make my point, so basically user stories, tasks, burndown charts etc. are a must.

I'm using Scrum, Kanban and some Lean practices for eliminating waste. I also want to use Extreme Programming practices in this production process including TDD and Continuous Integration.

I have zero experience in proffesional project management so I need something that's fairly simple to use for a newb like me.

Anyone can recommend a tool like that? For now I was thinking about TargetProcess and ScrumWorks. Thanks.

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