not work jquery for for input value

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main code :

var clone = div.clone();
clone.attr('id', sabad_kala_id);
$('div#'+sabad_kala_id).replaceWith('<tr id='+sabad_kala_id+'><td width="50"><a class="del_kala" id='+sabad_kala_id+'><img src="images/delete.png" alt="delete" /></a></td><td width="50">1.</td><td width="388">'+title+'</td><td width="80" clas="mm"><input class="count" type="text" value='+count+' /></td><td width="100">'+price+' $</td><td width="120">'+price_count+' $</td></tr>');

and this code run perfect after append and replace , user can edit input.count in table and below code have run :



but this code not work :(

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