Methods for getting static data from obj-c to Parse (database)

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I'm starting out thinking out how best to code my latest game on iOS, and I want to use to store pretty much everything, so I can easily change things.

What I'm not sure about is how to get static data into parse, or at least the best method. I've read about using NSMutableDictionary, pLists, JSON, XML files etc.

Let's say for example in AS3 I could create a simple data object like so...

static var playerData:Object = {position:{startX:200, startY:200}};

Stick it in a static class, and bingo I've got my static data to use how I see fit. Basically I'm looking for the best method to do the same thing in Obj-c, but the data is not to be stored directly in the iOS game, but to be sent to to be stored on their database there.

The game (at least the distribution version) will only load data from the parse database, so however I'm getting the static data into parse I want to be able to remove it from being included in the eventual iOS file.

So any ideas on the best methods to sort that?

If I had longer on this project, it might be nice to use storyboards and create a simple game editor to send data to parse....actually maybe that's a good idea, it's just I'm new to obj-c and I'm looking for the most straightforward (see quickest) way to achieve things.

Thanks for any advice.

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