Can't boot Windows Xp after intalling Ubuntu 12.04

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Published on 2012-10-21T13:00:04Z Indexed on 2012/10/22 11:18 UTC
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Here's the situation. I installed Ubuntu using the along side option. Everything went ok. When I restarted I went strait to Ubuntu and it worked beautifully. When I restarted and tried to enter windows, the loading screen appeared, and after 3 -4 seconds it restarted again. No error, no cursor waiting, no nothing.

I looked on the internet for help and found several resources.

I tried first lilo since it seemes that many people had they're issues solved with it.

After lilo neither ubuntu nor Windows would start.

I installed and used bootinfoscript. The RESULTS.txt can be seen below

After that I looked at


I did as instructed here

Can't boot XP after Ubuntu Installation, how to fix?

,meaning I redid the mbr of my Ubuntu install using a generic mbr.

with no success. The results of boot-repair are in the first link.

Now when I restart my computer I don't even get the windows loading screen, just

Missing operating system
Missing operation system
Operating system not found

that's it.

I did not use the fixboot or fixmbr option because I don't have a windows cd cabable of seeing my hdd drivers. The usual XP windows setup tells me that I have no hdd.

Please help, I don't know what to to next. This is my first time with Ubuntu or any Linux OS.

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