Cannot login via Unity login screen after upgrade to 12.04

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Published on 2012-05-08T09:51:32Z Indexed on 2012/10/29 23:21 UTC
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Logging in via the shell accessed through Ctrl+Alt-F1 and logging in as guest via the graphical user interface work 0O

When I try to log into my standard user account via the graphical interface, the screen flashes to black for a couple of seconds and bumps me back to a pristine login screen. Entering a wrong password for my user account yields the standard error message - my user account and credential verification seem to be OK.

I suppose that my individual graphics configuration causes problems ... I'm not sure how to reset that. I've tried stopping the UI via

sudo service lightdm stop


sudo nvidia-xconfig

and restarted the UI

sudo service lightdm start

to no avail.

My workstation has a Nvidia GeForce 560-448 graphics card. I've tried getting this fixed with the latest Nvidia 64-bit drivers (cURL'ed from the official website), that is 295.49 and the latest beta driver 302.07.

Anybody have an idea how to get this fixed? Your help is appreciated :)

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